Saving Serabie – How one woman makes a difference

Alexandra and Serabie

Saving Serabie – Serabie was a 5-month-old lion cub belonging to a facility breeding for canned hunting. Canned hunting is essentially a trophy hunt, where the animal is kept in a confined space, like a fenced area, with a 100% chance of killing. These animals are so habituated to humans that many of them do not even flee their killers.

This story tells about how Alexandra Lamontagne saved the tiny little lion cub:
The place is called Bambelela Wildlife Care. 
For six weeks Alexandra was responsible for five cubs. It was a very rewarding experience. Four of these cubs were transferred to a zoo in Denmark. The youngest cub, a female, returned to a hunter reserve in Africa. It is therefore likely to be hunted. The lions were in Bambelela because the person doing the mating could not take care of it. So she asked us to take care of it, otherwise they would die.

The baby cub was named Serabie. Alexandra set up a crowdfunding campaign, because she found a park ready to welcome it, the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuaray. Serabie now lives there with 2 other lions of her age. This park hosts animals rescued from zoos, circuses or hunters’ reserves. To this end, Alexandra made a mini clip on Serabie to demonstrate that it must be saved from these lion hunters. This documentary will be directed to educate future generations about hunting the animal for its skin and bones.

Baby lions, like Serabie, are often raised by vacationing volunteers, like Lamontagne, who believe they are helping animals and who rarely even know the bloody end that awaits these cubs. “I tried to find out, but I was never able to know the truth,” Lamontagne said of her time at the facility. She was appalled when she learned Serabie was born just to be shot – and she knew she had to do something.

When she returned to the facility, Lamontagne found Serabie in an enclosure with 14 other cubs. As Lamontagne looked around, she noticed there were new, younger cubs at the facility as well, in another enclosure. In yet another were larger lions Lamontagne knew would probably be sent to an undisclosed canned hunting facility to be killed. So many lion cubs were being raised just so hunters could buy the right to shoot them.