Cecil the Lion – Remembering Cecil who died 4 years ago, living his last 11 hours in pain and suffering

Remembering Cecil the Lion

Today, we remember CECIL the Lion! It is 4 YEARS since CECIL the lion was shot with a crossbow by the trophy hunter, Walter Palmer. His last 11 hours were lived in pain and suffering. When Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist and avid trophy hunter, killed Cecil the Lion in July 2015, the incident ignited a furor. For Oxford University biologist Andrew Loveridge, who had been studying Cecil for the past eight years, it was devastating.  An excerpt of Lion Hearted: The Life and Death of Cecil and the Future of Africa’s Iconic Cats – Andrew Loveridge – REGAN ARTS Cecil, the 12-year-old male lion, padded along the dirt track with leisurely strides, soundless except for the crystal scratch of sand under his soup plate–size feet. His coal-black mane proclaimed his status as the undisputed king of this part of the savanna. He paused only to scent-spray roadside bushes, maintaining his domain’s

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Animal cruelty charges laid against lion farmer by NSPCA

NSPCA at Jan Steinmanns Farm previous visit

Animal cruelty charges laid Animal cruelty charges were laid by NSPCA against Jan Steinman, a lion farmer in North West. The NSPCA found several contraventions of the Animal Protection Act after 108 lions, caracal, tigers and leopards were found in filthy and parasitic conditions. Inspectors of the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) found 27 lions with severe mange, two lion cubs unable to walk, obese caracal unable to groom themselves, overcrowded and filthy enclosures, inadequate shelter, lack of water, and parasitic conditions. Steinman, who owns the lion farm near Lichtenburg in the North West Province, is listed as a Council member of the South African Predator Association (SAPA). “It is deplorable that any animal would be forced to live in such conditions, with such medical ailments. The fact that these are wild animals that are already living unnatural lives in confinement for the purposes of trade, just makes it more

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