Captive Lions Awareness Day 

Captive Lions Awareness Day 

District 410A – Captive Lions Awareness Day

Join us on our Captive Lions Awareness Day on Saturday, 8 December 2018, at the Brackenfell PicknPay from 11:00 to 13:00. More than 10 000 Lions are held in captivity in South Africa. At the same time, less than 20 000 Lions still exist in the wild in the whole of Africa. South Africa, one of only 7 hotspots with more than 1000 Lions, counts less than 2 000. As members of Lions Clubs International, we have the responsibility to save our iconic Lion species. District 410A is looking to raise R1000 per Lion on behalf of the Project Lions4Lions

The Brackenfell Lions & Leo’s will be taking and jailing the District 410 A Governor on the 8th of December at Pick n Pay Hyper Brackenfell at 11 am. They will only release him on a minimum bail of R10 000.

Raising the awareness of the plight of our Lions in Africa

In 2018, more than ever captive bred Lions are currently living behind bars in South Africa in estimated 300 facilities. Raised in captivity at hidden breeding farms or at public scamtuaries, some of these animals are petted as cubs by tourists, who feed and care for the young lions or even walk with them. Once the animals are too old for petting/walking, they are sold to canned hunting outfitters. While Canned Hunting becomes less attractive, breeders simply slaughter their Lions for their bones to be sold to Asia. 

Our Lions are in need and we need to do our best to save our iconic symbol

Since the Lion bone trade isn’t a “sideline” of the canned hunting industry any more, low-cost mass Lion slaughterhouses have been erected in Free State and probably other provinces as well. The presence of a legal trade clearly results in more and more poaching of wild lions as well as in poaching of lions that live at the very few real sanctuaries in South Africa.

You can SMS your name/club with your pledge amount to 084 788 6523. Bank details will be forwarded to you for your deposits.

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Captive Lions Awareness Day
Captive Lions Awareness Day

Raising awareness about the Lion Species Fate – Lions4Lions in the press

Raising awareness about the Lion Species Fate – Lions4Lions in the press

The Lion species survival is in our hands!

In January 2018 Lions4Lions was explicitly started to raise awareness about the Lion species fate. Today, at the end of September 2018, our Facebook group has 4700 members. Every single day, we meet people, that didn’t know what is happening to the most iconic species on Earth. We hear from shocked people. They shiver when they hear what is going on in South Africa’s captive breeding scene. Read more