Help LYKA, the blind Lioness at Maasin Zoo

UPDATE about LYKA –  8.4.2019

Lyka the blind LionessA Rescue Team has been in the Philippines working on a mission to help Lyka. The six-year-old lioness lives with an undiagnosed eye condition at the Massin City Zoo. Lyka’s story has drawn international attention when visitors of the zoo have brought light to her cause.
A Team from the Lions Tigers & Bears Sanctuary was able to meet Lyka. The team wants to find out the truth behind her story. Lyka was born at the zoo, six years ago. After just six months, her litter mates all passed away and left Lyka as the sole survivor.

Does Lyka have a chance?

Veterinarian Dr Nielsen Donato and his team assessed Lyka over the course of the day. Lyka suffers from a metabolic bone disease. Due to this disease her foot did break after birth. As a result to poor breeding practices, Lyka has several malformations. Not to mention improper nutrition by previous zoo management. The team will be able to better diagnose Lyka’s eye condition during her physical examination.

The next steps will be to provide Lyka with a thorough physical examination under anaesthetic. This procedure will be the first veterinary examination ever for the lioness. The skilled veterinary team will be taking every precaution necessary. As with any procedure that involves sedation – it always comes with risks. There is no formal medical history to refer to. With Lyka’s apparent health issues, the team will utilize the safest means possible. But the medical exam is necessary, so she can properly be diagnosed and treated according to her conditions.

View the teams first report about Lyka



Lyka the blind lioness living under terrible conditions in a tiny cage at PhilZoo
Lyka the blind lioness at the Philippine Maasin Zoo

LYKA, the blind lioness

has been written off as a ‘breeding mistake’ by the zoo, after going blind as a result of a congenital eye problem and now lives in a very small and barren enclosure in the zoo that is based in Iloilo, Southern Philippines. PhilZoos is an individual zoo facility, a government-run zoo in the Philippines. Without a doubt the rest of the zoo is in sub-standard condition as well.

PhilZoos is the Philippine Zoos & Aquariums Association – The National Zoo Association of the Philippines. But, Maasin zoo does not abide by PhilZoo’s ethical and welfare philosophy. However, colleagues in the Philippines and at PhilZoos are concerned for all animals in captivity. They have told us that: “While Maasin Zoo is not a member of Philippine Zoos & Aquarium Association, Philzoos, however, is looking into the matter already and is coordinating with Maasin Zoo and the concerned government agency on addressing the issues raised.”

Lyka the blind lioness living under terrible conditions in a tiny cage at PhilZoo
Lyka the blind lioness living under terrible conditions

Other animals near LYKA were also in very poor health and living in extremely unhealthy conditions. Maasin Zoo is government-funded but the staff has said that they don’t have enough money to improve the enclosures or properly care for the animals.

It’s unacceptable that Lyka and other animals at the Maasin Zoo continue to suffer from neglect in captivity while zoo officials and government do nothing.

Please sign the petition HERE to call on the Governor of Iloilo to immediately close the Maasin Zoo and free Lyka to a sanctuary. Please, we must save this beautiful Lioness. To see such a beautiful creature suffering like no one cares is extremely painful to see. Thank you sincerely!