International Lion Breeding Awareness Day (12 August)

International Lion Breeding Awareness Day

Create Lion Breeding Awareness! Today is solely dedicated to captive bred lion cubs of all ages. How we can improve their survival and improve their animal rights. South African lion sanctuary boss says every other breeding facility in nation linked to “canned hunting”.

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Paul Hart (Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary) said those who claim they are seeking to conserve the species are directly or indirectly providing animals to be slaughtered by wildlife trophy hunters. The Drakenstein Lion Park, which bills itself as the “only genuine lion sanctuary in the Western Cape”, rescues captive animals destined for canned hunts. Hart said: “There are thousands of volunteers getting conned”.


The hunting of captive lions is not the only reason for the complete rejection of the breeding and petting industries. The road to suffering for the lions on the South African breeding farms begins immediately after their birth.

The lion cubs are separated from their mothers already a few days after their birth. This practice has fatal consequences, not including the mental suffering that these animals suffer. Due to the lack of milk provided by the mother, multiple deficiencies are displayed in the young animals. The cubs frequently suffer from bone deformations, breathing and digestive problems. Other problems are calcium deficiencies and many other illnesses. Illnesses that have a significant effect on the animals when they grow up.

The keeping conditions for the young animals are also often completely unacceptable: Water, food and shade are hard to come by in many of the enclosures. In the most extreme cases, female cubs are shot shortly after their birth as they are rarely in demand for hunting. Help us to spread the Lion Breeding Awareness and join our Facebook Group!