World Lion Day 2019

World-Lions-Day-2019 Poster

World Lion Day 2019 Today, we share a lot of good news! Unbelievable, since the last World Lion Day in 2018, a lot has happened and it looks as if the coming 365 days might provide us with a lot of turning points. So let’s start with the small steps! Small steps at a time, in another part of the world, in the Republic of Crimea Together with Crimean advocates, Captive Wildlife Watchdog fights to close down Oleg Zubkov’s Taigan Lion Park. In this part of the world, there is almost no education of visitors happening. They are hungry to touch, play, and engage in activities that create memories for them. Children are especially excited to come face to face with beasts. The Crimean High Court recently banned the Walking with Lions in Taigan Park. A win and equally important, one step closer for the many advocates lobbying the closure

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The Lion Slaughterhouse in Free State

APPEAL FOR LIONS – South Africa must end the breeding of big cats in captivity, Lion slaughterhouses and cruelty against our wildlife  MEDIA STATEMENT by NSPCA ISSUED ON 26 SEPTEMBER 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NSPCA LAUNCHES URGENT LEGAL APPEAL FOR LIONS The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) has lodged an urgent interdict against the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) to suspend DEA’s authorisation of lion bone exports. The NSPCA has long been actively involved in addressing the cruelty in the captive lion industry; starting with lion cubs for petting to ‘canned lion’ hunting or slaughter for lion bone, with pending cruelty cases. The NSPCA has been frustrated in its efforts to prevent this cruelty by the lack of regulation within the industry. Not only are there regulatory loopholes, but there is also generally a lack of cooperation and communication from both national and provincial authorities. Following decisions were taken at CITES

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