Every Day is WORLD LION DAY!

Every Day is WORLD LION DAY!


That is the question you need to ask yourself today: Is today a Wold Lion Day?
Are you going to continue 😤😖😡 posting angry face images 😣👺😈 on social media every time you read about the plight of our lions? Or are you going to become actively involved somehow to stop this exploitation? Will you give up YOUR TIME and CREATIVITY to prevent even one more destruction of a lions life? Take today to think of those thousands of lions who gave up their lives unnecessary for the sake of greed, status and an inferiority complex. Share and raise awareness to support our cause to fight lion exploitation. Every Day is WORLD LION DAY!

World Lion Day - Statistics - Poster @ EWT https://www.ewt.org.za/
World Lion Day – Statistics adjusted- EWT – Endangered Wildlife Trust

Take the Pledge for the Lions HERE

Wild ‘n Free

“I pledge to keep all carnivores Wild ‘n Free by not petting, walking, feeding or taking selfies with them. I vow to become an ambassador for wild carnivores and to honour their right to live a natural life. I encourage others to do the same.”
Every day is World Lion Day - Pledge - https://www.ewt.org.za/ - #WildnFree
Every day is World Lion Day – The Pledge


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