World Lion Day 2019

World Lion Day 2019

Today, we share a lot of good news!

Unbelievable, since the last World Lion Day in 2018, a lot has happened and it looks as if the coming 365 days might provide us with a lot of turning points. So let’s start with the small steps!

Small steps at a time, in another part of the world, in the Republic of Crimea

Together with Crimean advocates, Captive Wildlife Watchdog fights to close down Oleg Zubkov’s Taigan Lion Park. In this part of the world, there is almost no education of visitors happening. They are hungry to touch, play, and engage in activities that create memories for them. Children are especially excited to come face to face with beasts. The Crimean High Court recently banned the Walking with Lions in Taigan Park. A win and equally important, one step closer for the many advocates lobbying the closure of Taigan Park.


Emerging from the Lion Footprint Forum was a set of shared declarations for lion recovery – Unite the Lion conservation community


The forum, hosted by the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) and the Disney Conservation Fund, was an overwhelmingly successful event. In May 2019, more than 80 conservation leaders from 16 countries converged with a clear and meaningful goal: unite the Lion conservation community around concrete solutions to recover lions across Africa. To support this initiative, follow this link 

World Lion Day - Lion Declaration

This World Lion Day, we will continue to fight for those bred in captivity and kept in small enclosures!

At least, there is some hope now! It was discovered that lions were found in a despicable state on a farm called Pienika, in the North West. Almost a year ago, a Lion slaughterhouse was discovered at another farm called Wag ‘n Bietjie in the Free State. Thanks to a massive outcry in the media, all thanks to the South African NSPCA. It even seems as if a wonder has happened. Judgment was handed down in the Pretoria High Court 4 days ago.

A first victory

Indeed, judgment was found in favour of the NSPCA in the case between the NSPCA, the DEA and SAPA regarding the lion bone export quotas. This is an important judgment for both current and future generations in addressing the manner in which the South African society interacts with wildlife and the environment. A HUGE victory for the NSPCA, but even more importantly, a victory for lions and other big cats. Help us to fight this despicable industry and support the NSPCA! 

World Lion Day - Fight against Captive Lion Breeders

Is only today a Wold Lion Day?

Are you going to continue 😤😖😡 posting angry face images 😣👺😈 on social media every time you read about the plight of our lions? Or are you going to become actively involved somehow to stop this exploitation? Will you give up YOUR TIME and CREATIVITY to prevent even one more destruction of a lions life? Think of those thousands of lions who gave up their lives unnecessary for the sake of greed, status and an inferiority complex. In particular, share and raise awareness to support our cause . Every Day is WORLD LION DAY!